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Fairview chiropractic doctors are trained to perform the following services and support you in getting the appropriate treatment.

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Dr. Reilly searches relentlessly for the latest innovations designed to provide the maximum benefits to his patients. In keeping with this tradition, Fairview Chiropractic is proud to announce the introduction of LightForce High Intensity Laser Therapy. This 25 watt laser provides effective non-surgical treatment that speeds the healing process.


Graston Technique (GT) is one of the most advanced forms of myofascial released used by many pro and Division 1 teams. Dr, Reilly is one of only 2 doctors, currently, with the advanced level of training in Buncombe County. GT is extremely effective for plantar fasciitis, heels spurs, chronic pain, frozen shoulder, sports injuries, avoiding hip and knee replacements, tennis elbow, and shin splints.


Are you looking for spinal decompression in Fairview? You don't have to live in debilitating pain. Whether you have lower back pain, a pinched nerve, sciatica, radiating pain into the arms or legs, neck pain, or a variety of symptoms related to damaged or degenerative discs, spinal stenosis and post-operative complications, as well as syndromes of the lumbar and cervical spine. Spinal Decompression may be for you.


One of the biggest reasons people’s modification of their diet or changes to their health fail is that they weren’t mentally prepared for the challenge ahead of them.  Unfortunately, repeated attempts to loss weight often result in people giving up all together.  This doesn’t have to be the case and our doctors at Fairview Chiropractic Center would like to help you meet your goals.


If you're like most patients, you've lost patience with chronic pain and are ready to start realizing results, fast. The Neurolumen device is just the answer you've been seeking - pain relief that's immediate and measurable.

It's designed to improve circulation and help relieve pain and swelling associated with neuropathy, diabetes, vascular disease, atherosclerosis, arthritis, chemotherapy and injury, This product is effective for treating virtually every type of pain.


With chronic diseases currently spiraling out of control, it has been become increasingly obvious that a different health care approach is both needed and warranted.  Instead of treating the disease once it is already present, doesn’t it make more sense to concentrate on preventing the condition in the first place? Through the use of various metabolic assessment instruments and allergy testing, we assist you in finding the right combination of nutraceauticals for your needs.


Diabetics who do not follow their diet or take their medication as indicated commonly suffer peripheral neuropathy. Whether you suffer diabetic peripheral neuropathy or other peripheral nerve damage due to disease, vibration therapy can help. It may reduce the severity of distressing symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy while fine-tuning your overall health. Start improving your quality of life today by using our peripheral neuropathy vibration machine just 15 minutes a day.


Experience the benefits of oxygen therapy at our chiropractic office. Oxygen promotes revascularization, nerve regeneration, relieves neuropathic pain and stimulates wound healing. As new capillaries are formed, blood supply to the affected area increases which brings about decrease in swelling and inflammation. Nerve repair is initiated following improved blood supply. Studies have shown that oxygen increases the effective release and differentiation of stem cells which helps in rebuilding and regrowth of tissues. Oxygen therapy is able to do this because oxygen penetrates deep in to the tissues and places which are inaccessible to red blood cells.


Alpha-Stim is a clinically proven medical device that relieves anxiety, insomnia and depression using electromedical technology. Alpha-Stim generaties a unique patented waveform no other device can offer. Much like every white pill is not the same, the uniqueness of Alpha-Stim's waveform produces results vastly different from any other medical device.


Many types of chrnoic pain have been identified, however many with chronic pain do not have a clinical diagnosis from their doctor. Scar tissue is frequently the culprit in this un-diagnosed pain. Repetitive motion, injury, and surgery can result in the formation of scar tissue. RRT's Scar Tissue Therapy targets brittle scar tissue with the shearing force of planar waves that resonate with scar tissue. This is a great method for quickly and painlessly breaking up scar tissue.


The Miracle Wave® is a newnon-invasive treatment solution that uses high-intensity sound waves (or acoustic pulses) which interact with damaged or inflamed tissues of the body. The Miracle Wave® helps stimulate the body's natural, self-healing process by temporarily increasing local blood circulation, relieving minor muscle aches and pains and raising the body's pain threshold. This results in overall revitalization, following a patient's completed course of treatment


The complex procedures used in Trigenics® retrain the way the brain communicates its movement and/or pain signals with the muscles of the body. The treatments are either manual or involve the use of instruments or exercise equipment. The beneficial effects are instantaneous and seen immediately. If Trigenics® is what they need, patients having suffered from physical pain syndromes and/or movement dysfunctions always see strikingly measurable results on their first visit to a Trigenics® practitioner.


Recently this new therapy was incorporated into our practic. This therapy has been a breakthrough in electromedicine, combining all know forms of electromedical therapy, in addition to this new revolutionary therapy. It is the most sophisticated form of electrotherapy available. The therapeutic effects of this therapy are unmatched by any other form of electrotherapy available.


Many benefits of PEMF therapy have been demonstrated in thousands of medical studies done in countless countries with various PEMF therapy devices. The first PEMF therapy devices focused on muscles, nerve, tendon, ligament and cartilage health. Nowadays, these PEMF devices can offer enhanced theraputic effects for these conditions and much more.


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