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Dr. Reilly is seen with Dr. Ashli Lindhorn, national instructor for the Graston Technique. Dr. Reilly completed an additional 14 hours of post doctoral training in Charlotte the weekend of May 8, 2015. Graston Technique (GT) is one of the most advanced forms of myofascial released used by many pro and Division 1 teams. He is one of only 2 doctors, currently, with the advanced level of training in Buncombe County. GT is extremely effective for plantar fasciitis, heels spurs, chronic pain, frozen shoulder, sports injuries, avoiding hip and knee replacements, tennis elbow, and shin splints.



Patient Testimonial

"Since Dr. Reilly has been treating me the pain I felt in my knee is gone! I wasn’t able to straighten or bend my leg for any length of time. It is easier to move my leg and standing doesn’t seem to hurt as much. The laser treatments and Graston therapy has worked wonders. Within 2 weeks of starting treatment, I have more freedom of movement and less pain.

My family doctor had recommended physical therapy and to go to an orthopedic doctor. I was also prescribed pain medicine and they only dulled the pain. I chose chiropractic instead. I am also planning on seeing Dr. Reilly for a plan of adjustments for my back and hips.

Before resolving yourself to facing surgery as the only option please see Dr. Reilly. With the laser, and especially the Graston therapy that he performs you may not have to have a surgical procedure."

- Kathy R.


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