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Chiropractic Treatments 

When you have musculoskeletal pain the goal is to decrease it and get you moving and living your life as usual. Unfortunately, standard medical care often comes with invasive procedures or medications that cause serious side effects. With chiropractic treatment from Fairview Chiropractic Center, serving Fairview, NC, and the surrounding area, you get the best of both worlds -- healing and natural relief. Let's discuss the treatments Dr. Edward Reilly provides.  

Chiropractic Adjustment 

A chiropractic manipulation, also known as a chiropractic adjustment, is a treatment that consists of our practitioner moving the vertebrae in your spine so they realign with the rest of the spinal column. The goal of this treatment is to remove pressure on the nearby nerves and soft tissue and relieve pressure on the discs. 

Additionally, when you come to our office for chiropractic adjustments, our practitioner is allowing the blood to flow more optimally. Ultimately, this means you're receiving an increase of necessary nutrients for healing throughout the region. 

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression therapy is another option given at our Fairview, NC, office. With this treatment, our practitioner will ask you to lie on a table. You're then connected to a motorized device that gently pulls on the spine. Specifically, this treatment pulls your spine in two different directions simultaneously. As a result, it takes the pressure off the sensitive discs. This allows the disc to heal without interruption. 

Lifestyle Advice 

Lifestyle advice is another part of chiropractic care. The purpose of lifestyle advice is to help you evaluate how your habits are contributing to your pain and discomfort. For instance, if you have a job that requires lifting or moving in a certain way and it's stressing your back, our practitioner can educate you on how to move more efficiently. 

On the other hand, let's say you have poor posture and work an office job. Perhaps you have poor posture long before the job, and the stress of sitting in an improper position will only hurt your back further. Our practitioner can provide you with advice and exercise therapy to improve your posture. 

Other Treatments 

In addition to the standard chiropractic treatments, we also offer massage therapy, acupuncture, and laser therapy. We determine the root of your problem and recommend other treatments that can help improve your healing or lessen your pain. 

At Fairview Chiropractic Center, serving Fairview, NC, and the nearby region, we can use various chiropractic treatments to aid in your recovery and help you achieve less pain. 

Contact us at (828)-628-7800 to schedule an appointment and see for yourself what chiropractic care can do.

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