Graston Therapy

Work with Dr. Edward Reilly of the Fairview Chiropractic Center if you want to try Graston therapy in Fairview, NC.

What Is Graston Therapy?

Chiropractors can utilize different techniques to treat the issues we are dealing with. You probably already know that chiropractors use spinal adjustments to treat their patients. However, their expertise goes beyond that.

For instance, your chiropractor can use something known as Graston therapy to treat your current condition.

Graston therapy is different from other techniques that chiropractors commonly utilize because it specifically focuses on soft tissues. It also involves the usage of specially designed tools.

Those tools are designed in such a way that they can identify problem areas present in your body. Once a problem area is located, the chiropractor can use the tool to massage it and ease the tension that has accumulated there. You should experience pain relief soon after that.

Aside from easing tension, massaging the soft tissue also breaks down any scar tissue and fascia restrictions. The tools can also be used to manipulate your connective tissues. Both of those benefits associated with this therapeutic procedure are meant to improve your range of motion.

Graston therapy is also helpful because of how it affects recovery. The forms of massage conducted using Graston therapy tools excel at stimulating blood flow. Your rate of recovery will improve after you undergo Graston therapy.

Reach out to Dr. Reilly of the Fairview Chiropractic Center and schedule your next Graston therapy session in Fairview, NC.

What Can You Expect if You Opt for Graston Therapy?

It’s always intimidating to try a new form of treatment for the first time so allow us to tell you more about what Graston therapy entails.

In terms of preparation, there’s not much that a patient has to do. Getting some exercise in before your treatment would be helpful, but it is not necessary.

Before the treatment begins, your chiropractor will speak to you so they can get a sense of your condition. They may also ask which specific parts of your body are causing trouble so they can be addressed.

When the treatment begins, your chiropractor will use the tools to pinpoint the problem areas. After locating them, your chiropractor will start using specific massage techniques to provide relief.

Throughout treatment, you can expect to experience nothing beyond mild discomfort at worst. For the most part, the treatment should be relaxing more than anything else.

Adopting an exercise program after you undergo Graston therapy will further speed up your recovery. Your chiropractor can offer tips regarding which exercises you should try.

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