Knee Pain

Did you know - many cases of knee pain are NOT caused by arthritis!

At our office, you will learn about the knee pain generator system - exclusive to us! - that will uncover the TRUE cause of your knee pain!

With our revolutionary, non-surgical, non-drug protocol, you too might experience these benefits:

  • 90% of our patient see results on the first visit!!!
  • 95% see results by the second visit!
  • There are no side effects with these treatments!!!

Your knee pain may be treated using one the following Advanced Regenerative Therapies, most found together nowhere else in North Carolina!


This is a non-surgical procedure, used to train the brain to reconnect with muscles through the use of:

  • Breathing
  • Resistant movements
  • Stimulating muscles and nerves by machine or hands

Learn more about Trigenics at:, and


An advanced form of light therapy that promotes healing 4 times faster.

  • Opens blood vessels and increases blood flow X 7.
  • Produces pain relieving chemicals
  • Changes damaged tissue to healthy tissue
  • Effects can last 72 hours
  • Penetrates up to 3” deep

Graston Technique

An advanced, non-surgical, medical procedure for treating muscles, ligaments, and tendons that often brings immediate pain relief and increased range of motion. It is used in over 300 pro-sport and college locker rooms and requires extensive training.

Pulse Electro-Magnetic Frequency Therapy (PEMF)

Developed in Europe and refined by NASA, this energy field therapy rapidly re-energizes all cells in the body. The magnetic frequency enables our cells to pulse, detox, and revitalize. This detox process requires extensive water in the body, so you will be thirsty. Many people find the impulse is more intense at the site of an injury, however the energy from the machine finds damage, even if it is unaddressed.

  • Offers pain relief while healing and helps the whole body to be healthier (brain, bones, nerves, heart, organs).
  • Helps those suffering from MS, ALS, Parkinson’s Disease, Lyme’s disease, Chemo tolerance, metabolism, and brain issues (depression/anxiety).


This machine provides advanced nerve therapy from Germany. It allows nerves to heal themselves rapidly, through electrical and chemical stimulation. HakoMed addresses neuropathy, systemic disease, and general overall health, through the use of 50 different frequencies.

Learn more about HakoMed at: and and

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