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Hear our patients explain how we helped them with stenosis!


I am so grateful to my daughter-in-law, Vicki, for referring me to the Fairview Chiropractic Center. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and had therapy at Care Partners. This helped for awhile, but it gradually got worse. It hurt to even sit down or bend over and I could not stand in one spot very long or walk very far. Now I am able to perform my normal household tasks, plus participate in activities that I love, including walking around quilt shows, the fairs, and attending a rodeo. I no longer have that nagging pain in my hip that I endured for so long. This gives me a more optimistic look at life. I would and have recommended the chiropractic care to other friends. Thank you to a wonderful, caring staff and Dr. Reilly.

~ Maxine A.




 "Last fall my family physician ordered an MRI of my back. When the results came back she referred me to a spine surgeon. He recommended a 4 to 4 1/2hour surgery to repair stenosis and remove bone spurs, and then he would fuse the bone fragments to build up my back then place rods to hold everything in place. I choose not to have surgery so I have continued to suffer severe back pain with neuropathy down both legs, worsening for the last six to eight months. In June of this year God allowed and blessed me to learn of Dr. Reilly and his Chiropractic Center. I immediately made an appointment to find out if he could help me. When I saw Dr. Reilly, after x-rays and examination, he told me he could help me and gave me 70-100% chance to be helped without surgery. I began treatment of realignment, laser therapy, traction, heat treatment and Magnetic Resonance Therapy, which is amazing. All these treatments have given me my life back. I am now smiling, feeling much better and able to enjoy life again. It is a joy to arise in the morning knowing a much better day is ahead, whereas it was hard to face each day, even with pain medication that did not give me much relief. I thank God everyday for Dr. Reilly and his wonderful staff. I also want to thank my wonderful husband for driving me to my appointments and patiently waiting for me to have my treatments."

~ Rebecca B.

mary_r.jpg"I am being treated for Spinal Stenosis. Before coming to see Dr. Reilly I had injections to eliminate the pain for 3 months or more. They did not work. Surgery was mentioned but I wasn’t ready for the long surgery and lengthy recovery.

I saw an article for in the newspaper about what Dr. Reilly could do for stenosis so I called for an appointment.

After a round of treatment: laser therapy, traction, magnetic resonance therapy and heat therapy, weekly for several months my pain was gone. I had 2 years mostly pain free with just one set back. After a month of weekly treatments, I am once again on a once a month regimen of traction and adjustment plus my daily exercises.

Thank you Dr. Reilly!"

~ Mary R.