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Joint Disease/Osteoarthritis


Arthritis is a condition that is caused by the wearing down of the cartilage between joints. Some of the major joints that are affected are the knees, hips, back, neck, and hands/wrist. Arthritis can be painful and can cause the affected areas to not function properly. Arthritis in one area can cause arthritis or other problems in a different joint. For instance, if you have arthritis in your left knee, you may compensate for this by putting more pressure on your right side, leading to right hip problems. 

Pain killers can cause temporary relief from pain and discomfort, but it is not a long term solution. Chiropractic can alleviate pain by releasing pressure on the nervous system with proper alignment.  It can also restore proper joint movement, helping to ensure that you use proper motion so that you do not cause injury to other parts of your body.  We are not concerned strictly with the affected area, but rather the body as a whole. We aim to restore and maintain proper movement and functionality to increase your overall well being. 


Hear What Our Patients Have to Say!

I came to Fairview Chiropractic Center and Dr. Reilly with severe pain in the left side of my lower back.

The pain started after I had spent several hours on the computer in an awkward position. For the pain I took too much pain killer, which resulted in an intestinal bleed. I was hospitalized and in ICU for that. I complained of the back pain and they took an x-ray in the hospital and it showed arthritis. Again, pain medications were prescribed, however they only helped temporarily and after my ICU stay I was looking for an alternative.

Dr. Reilly was highly recommended to me. I made my first appointment with the Fairview Chiropractic Center to hear Dr. Reilly’s diagnosis and to learn what his plan for me would be. His choice of procedure and scheduling has improved my condition considerably.

I would tell others to choose a chiropractor very carefully, as I did. I would most definitely recommend the Fairview Chiropractic Center with its professional staff.

~ Erwin B.



Several years ago I injured my arm while in my yard. I figured it would heal quickly and didn’t take any action at the time. After several weeks went by, I went to my primary doctor and he told me it was still hurting because I probably had arthritis. He offered to prescribe pain medication, but I didn’t want to go that route. Over the next five years I would use a heating pad, and sometimes over the counter pain relievers to try to get some relief. Nothing seemed to work and over time I thought I would just have to live with the constant pain. And it was constant, almost four hours a day, seven days a week. Finally I decided to try chiropractic treatment. I made an appointment at Fairview Chiropractic Center with Dr. Reilly. After an examination, he informed me what he believed the problems to be and that he felt he could be of assistance. He offered a detailed, time specific plan of treatment, and we began immediately. I continued as he prescribed, and with each visit I began to experience less pain. As a result of treatment I also began to notice my occasional neck pain was also getting better. My lower back, which I had not complained about also started feeling less stressed as well. By the end of my treatment plan I was absolutely delighted and thankful that I was pain free, just as Dr. Reilly had predicted!! I am so thankful for everything they did for me. I say “they” because it all began up front with patient caring and professional staff. They always treated me with kindness and understanding. I’m not trying to sound like an advertisement, but I feel the bottom line is this…if you are living with pain and nothing seems to be working, make an appointment at Fairview Chiropractic Center and see if your quality of life can be improved as much as mine!

~ R.C.C.


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