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Knee Pain


Hear our patients explain how we helped them with knee pain!


"Surgeon from ER referral: "..the ugliest knee I've ever seen...schedule replacement ASAP..." I was dumbfounded. Well--my knee WAS red, swollen to twice normal and very painful but I was looking for treatment to heal. Total replacement had not entered my mind. Next came panic. The swollen knee was not the only joint hosting arthritis. The other knee, back, elbows and fingers all complained - especially at night. Every joint couldn't be replaced. I had to find a way to live with this. Drugs were even less appealing than surgery.

My husband (who fell 14 feet from a ladder 10 years ago, suffered 8 broken bones and has been helped greatly by Dr. Reilly) suggested I talk to Dr. Reilly before surgery. I was not sure of escaping knee replacement but hoped to at least find a way to deal with the rest. At this point I would grasp at a straw!

Dr. Reilly did not promise the surgery would go away but did think it could be put off if I gave him some time. He would "do everything he could to facilitate healing". I would try this.

The first treatment gave relief to knee pain as well as back and elbows! By one month swelling was down in the mornings-coming back about 1/2 during the day. In two months swelling was pretty much gone. I continue the daily at home treatment and exercise as Dr. Reilly instructed. For prolonged standing or walking I use a brace and occasional ibuprophen or aleve. My life is back to normal.

Sometimes I forget I even have a problem. Always I am thankful to my husband, Dr. Reilly and God for this amazing blessing!"

 ~ Lynda G.



"I was told by my orthopedic doctor that I would need knee replacement. After trying Dr Reilly’s recommendation of Graston and laser therapy my pain is gone and I don’t feel I need surgery."

 ~ Carol L.




"Since Dr. Reilly has been treating me the pain I felt in my knee is gone! I wasn’t able to straighten or bend my leg for any length of time. It is easier to move my leg and standing doesn’t seem to hurt as much. The laser treatments and Graston therapy has worked wonders. Within 2 weeks of starting treatment, I have more freedom of movement and less pain.

My family doctor had recommended physical therapy and to go to an orthopedic doctor. I was also prescribed pain medicine and they only dulled the pain. I chose chiropractic instead. I am also planning on seeing Dr. Reilly for a plan of adjustments for my back and hips.

Before resolving yourself to facing surgery as the only option please see Dr. Reilly. With the laser, and especially the Graston therapy that he performs you may not have to have a surgical procedure."

 ~ Kathy R.


December 2015,

forrest_r.jpgI had a long history of knee problems, which included having to get shots in both knees every three months and dealing with radiating pain from my hip to my ankles on a daily basis. I took pain pills every day, three times a day, and had two arthroscopic surgeries. The next thing was to have a full or partial knee replacement.

My wife was coming to Dr. Reilly for her knee problems. I came with her on visits and had questions for the doctor. Dr. Reilly took the time to talk with me. I was pleased with our conversation and set up an appointment to get started. The first thing was to have x-rays. When that was complete, we talked about what he could do to help me out. With heat and traction on my back and neurolumen (advanced laser therapy), it began to work. But what really helped was the Graston therapy (advanced myofascial release – used by pro sports teams). It seemed to work overnight.

I started the ChiroThin Weight Loss program to help remove weight, help relieve stress from my joints and give me a better lifestyle. I am happy to say – IT REALLY WORKS!

I am so glad that I came to Fairview Chiropractic Center and Dr. Reilly. I can now walk better and long with little or no pain. I have seen my orthopedic doctor and we have put off my knee replacement and I have not had shots in my knees in over 5 months. I take pain medication very seldom now. Dr. Reilly has given me hope that I will not have a knee replacement in the near future.

A BIG THANKS TO DR. REILLY AND HIS STAFFF!!! They made me feel as if I was a part of their family.

 ~ Forrest R.


"I came into Fairview Chiropractic Center with chronic knee pain following surgery. I’d been in pain for 6 years! I’d tried surgery and physical therapy, and nothing helped. After undergoing treatment 2 times per week for six weeks, my pain has diminished completely. My knee feels back to normal, and I have better mobility overall. If you’re skeptical, I suggest you give the therapy a chance. You will be pleasantly surprised! I am back to completely normal functioning, and have stopped avoiding physical activities that previously were too painful for me."

 ~ Donna H.