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June Newsletter

Oh my aching feet! 


Foot Pain? Is it plantar Fasciitis or a Heel Spurs, Metatarsalgia? Or Achilles Tendonitis?



I am writing this because I have been treating a lot of hurting feet over the last 3 month. In fact more feet than I could have imaged. I think it’s because we have completed some much advanced training in treating soft tissue problem using the Graston Technique and advanced class 4 laser therapy. And we are seeing excellent result.




Plantar fasciitis: Plantar fasciitis usually hurt worse in the am, its worse with standing or walking.  The most pain is in the arch of the foot. Massage the area with your hand to find out. It’s usually caused by an increase in weight bearing activities, weight gain or working on concrete floor.


HEEL SPURS: It’s usually worse standing and walking, can hurt in the am. The pain shows up when you squeeze heel bone on the inside. (Calcaneus bone)


METATARSALGIA: Metatarsalgia usually hurts worse with standing or walking or standing. The pain is on the bottom of the foot just under where the toe bones attached the rest of the foot. push into the area if it hurt there then its likely metatarsalgia.


ACHILLES TENDONITIS- This usually hurts above and behind the ankle bone where the large tendons attaches to the heel bone. Worse running or walking. Press or squeeze here, if it hurts, it’s likely Achilles tendonitis.


Many people have both plantar fasciitis and heels spurs. If area has hurt more than several months, it’s usually call tendonitis/tendononapthy. Web MD call help you determine what you have based on where it hurts.  Traditional treatment include foot supports, icing, changing your activities, rest and over the counter anti-inflammatories. When those don’t work see a professional. Professional treatments include more powerful anti-inflammatories, custom inserts, injections and stretching exercises, surgery is very rare with these conditions.


When Nothing Else Helps


Many of the recent cases of foot pain that we have treated have been through the range of professional treatments and were still looking for other options.


In our office we do a thorough foot exam with x-rays. If it’s a condition we don’t help we refer out to DPMs or orthopedics.


Our advanced treatment protocols can be applied to any of the above conditions and include:


Graston Therapy: rapid treatment and relief for tendons, muscles, fascia and joint capsules pain.


Stretching and strengthening custom rehab to address YOUR muscle imbalances.


Kineotaping-advanced taping for pain, inflammation and neurological repair.


Braces and support- specific braces and stretching tools to speed healing


Nutraceuticals-Anti-inflammatory and soft-tissue healing


Custom inserts where needed


Class 4 laser therapy- decreased pain, reduces inflammation rebuild damaged tissue so it’s more like normal and less like scar tissue.









06/04/2015 Treating Spinal Disc Problems with Advanced Technology Thurs 5:15-6PM.  Call for reservation - 628-7800.

06/11/2015 Foot Pain - Heel Spurs - Plantar Fasciitis - HELPING WHEN NOTHING ELSE WORKS Thurs 5:15-5:45pm.  Call for reservations - 628-7800.

06/25/2015 Neuropathy - Advanced Treatment Approaches Thursday 5:15-6pm.  Call for reservation - 628-7800.








Dr. Reilly is seen with Dr. Rigel, president of the American Institute of Medical Laser Applications,(AIMLA), and Dr. Perry Nickleston (in red), international authority on using advanced lasers, at the completion of an AIMLA training on using advanced class 4 lasers in Orlando on 5-30.






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