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   Edward Reilly, DC

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Hip Pain

Due to a fall on ice years ago I now have arthritis in my hips and back. Thanks to chiropractic care I can walk without pain and stiffness.

~ Joanne W.


"I was having a lot of pain in my left hip and thigh which prevented me from sleeping. It had been bothering me for a long time but was steady for about a month.

When I came to Fairview Chiropractic I was provided with an exercise plan to do at home, it has helped a lot. I also had a steroid shot for pain along with routine adjustments. My pain is much less and my core strength is better and my leg hurts less. My neck pain is gone. It used to hurt a lot when I would sit for a period of time.

The treatment I received here was so relaxing and mostly painless. The staff, each and everyone, is great. You feel better just walking in the door.

~ Betty C.


Oscar was affected by his lower back pain when he walked. He reported his pain to be a severe and debilitating.

He was referred to Fairview Chiropractic by a friend who suggested that the doctors there could help him. After receiving chiropractic treatment, Oscar reports his pain to be 95 percent better. Now when he walks, he reports "my hip and leg no longer hurts or feels like it is pulling in my hip."

Oscar is thankful for the treatment that has helped him and would recommend Dr. Reilly and Dr. Sales to anyone who needs help with their pain.

~ Oscar M.