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   Edward Reilly, DC

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Foot and Ankle Pain

I came to Dr. Reilly with heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. I’d been struggling with the pain for over three months before finally making an appointment. I received laser, Graston, and acoustic wave therapies. My pain level, as well as my ability to walk and exercise, have all improved dramatically! I would recommend that anyone with a similar problem come to see Dr. Reilly and his staff.
- Ronnie L.

I have been suffering for several years with neuroma in my left foot. I had a cortisone shot, which worked for about 6 months. The pain then returned, worse than ever. After coming to Fairview Chiropractic Center, where I received laser therapy, Graston therapy, and new orthotics – the pain is gone! I would recommend these treatments to anyone. They last and are non-invasive, unlike shots and surgery.
- Debra L.

I have been struggling with foot pain in both feet caused by plantar fasciitis and bone spurs. I’d gone to a podiatrist but did not get any relief. I was unable to walk and complete my daily work. After receiving laser, heat, Graston therapy, acoustic wave therapy, kinesio tape, ice, and receiving instruction on exercises, I am now able to complete my daily life tasks without pain. I also got instruction on using nutritional supplements that helped my overall energy and health. In addition, I am also sleeping better. I would definitely recommend the natural methods found at Fairview Chiropractic Center as opposed to surgery.
- Carol R.

For about two years I had this sharp stabbing pain in my feet that only lasted a few seconds. After about a year and a half of this pain, I started having numbness in my feet and they stayed cold all of the time. I had read about chiropractors that had successfully treated Neuropathy. My wife searched on the internet and luckily found Dr Reilly. After just a few treatments my feet started having better circulation and were no longer cold all of the time. Also, the stabbing pain became less and less over time. I am now nearing the end of my recommended treatment sessions and I am well satisfied with the outcome of my treatment. I would recommend Dr. Reilly and his staff to anyone suffering from the pain and numbness of Neuropathy. He and his staff are very professional, courteous, caring and dedicated to what they do and that is to help relieve pain and suffering.

- Jerry M.