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Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD?  Do you feel learning disabilities prevent you from achieving all you are capable of?  Regular chiropractic care, along with other treatment modalities we offer, can help you become all you can be, regardless of diagnosis – all without drugs! 


Dear Cassia and Dr. Reilly,

I just want to thank you for the amazing opportunity you have given my sons with the neurofeedback trial. Both of my boys have ADHD and ODD. My younger one also has lots of issues with anxiety and emotional outbursts.

These issues really began surfacing with the onset of elementary school. The ADHD and ODD behaviors got increasingly more noticeable and difficult to handle moving into about 3rd grade for both boys.

Over the years we have sought out traditional psychotherapy, medication management, intensive in-home therapy, art therapy and day treatment programs. Although we have at times had minimal success with these, the improvements have not been long term, I would say minimal at least.

My oldest son has had an awesome turn around in the classroom setting. While he was a distraction to the class last year by tapping, up out of his seat, unorganized and constantly blurting out, this year has had numerous office referrals declaring him a “model student in the classroom”. He has amazed by his new-found ability to stay focused, stay on task, and assignment completion.

My younger son has had an improvement in the length and intensity of his outbursts, which I am now told has more to do with his anxieties than his anger. His episodes tend to be shorter and he is much quicker to process and apologize. I have also noticed a marked improvement during homework time on ability to stay focused and a much improved actual task completion time.

As a mom I have thrilled with any improvements. The successes that my oldest son has had have so far exceeded my expectations. I look forward to seeing their results with the continued neurofeedback therapy with both boys.

Thank you for this opportunity.
Danya S.